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"We need an all hands-on deck approach to make sure that our children are graduating from high school with a purpose." 

About Lorita


"Our Schools, Our Kids, Our Communities!"

Hello neighbors and friends! 

My name is Dr. Lorita Copeland Daniels. I am excited to be your Salem District representative on the Spotsylvania County School Board. As your representative, I hope to be an important connection between you, the parent and the teacher, and our schools. We all benefit when our children are actively engaged in schools and the community. Our schools play an integral role in creating a safe and positive school climate for our children. Excellent schools and community investments in our children are both critical components in building a healthy and vibrant community.

For more than 20 years I have been involved in schools serving in the capacity as PTO/PTA president and vice president, secretary, and treasurer, as well as local and state governments as an appointed officer and a committed community advocate and volunteer. I have taught at  various levels, including technical schools, community colleges and universities. I was even a substitute teacher teaching at the K-12 levels in various states and countries during my husband's military career.  

I am also an educator who believes in creating a future and career ready student. I want to help our students achieve the maximum return on their educational investment. After my son was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum at the age of 3, I realized that it was even more vital for me to become more involved at the school board level because I can bring a parent's point of view to the board and speak from two different educational perspectives, from the general education to now, special needs education. I want to advocate for all children regardless of their emotional, intellectual, physical, and social capability. 

As a board member, I would encourage local involvement from community partners and continuous collaboration between the schools, parents, teachers, and students. Some of my immediate priorities will include investing in and developing our children and creating business partnerships that help students explore real career options.  I also want to retain our quality teachers, encourage parent-informed communication, and increase school transparency. I will work to find common ground on policies that prepare students for success in college or a career. Our schools provide students with varied educational opportunities and services, and I want to ensure that our children continue to have the support and resources that they need to thrive in a safe, nurturing, and learning environment. 

My husband and I have raised three boys through the public education system, which allows everyone to receive a Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE). It is an educational right of all children in the United States. 

Throughout the years, I have enjoyed working with several teachers, staff, administrators, and volunteers. As a future board member, I hope to ensure accountability and board stewardship. I want to listen to you and respect your opinions in my decision-making duties on the board.  I look forward to working with you, and I hope to build a long-lasting culture of opportunities for all children. 

Thank you for considering me as your Salem District representative for the school board, and I hope that I have your support! 

Dr. Lorita Copeland Daniels


Together, let's prepare for our children's future!  

Lorita's principles


Keeping Children First

I believe that every child is an individual who has unique needs that are specific to him or her. I would consider, "What is best for the children?" "What do they need to thrive?"

Supporting Our Teachers

I believe that quality teachers are our most valuable assets in our communities. We should support them in their classrooms, include them in decisions, and continue to provide them with professional development opportunities. They should be provided with fair compensation so that we can retain them in our community and our schools.

Increasing Collaboration

I believe that collaboration is the key to having healthy communities and schools. I will build relationships that support partnerships.

Building Strong Schools, Strong Communities

I believe that our schools play a vital role in preparing our children for their future. We, as community members, share in this responsibility. Community investment in our children is critical to their success. "Our children are the future of our communities."

Maintaining Transparency

I believe that our schools should be transparent and open. Our schools and the school board must maintain channels for open, two-way communication. I will work to take care of our public schools and protect the community's investments. I will work with the board and the district to ensure that we are planning for the community's future.  

Lorita's Issues


Creating Future and Career Ready Students

Creating Future and Career Ready Students

Creating Future and Career Ready Students

We must ensure that schools are preparing students to connect their educational experiences to careers in the 21st century economy.  To do this, we must foster relationships with our community businesses.  We must create multiple pathways and make career planning tools available to all students regardless of their intellectual and learning capabilities. It's time to invest in our students and support our counselors! 


Valuing our Student's Contributions

Creating Future and Career Ready Students

Creating Future and Career Ready Students

We must ensure that our children are valued and given opportunities to be creative by encouraging our schools to help our students tell their stories in a way that could easily be shared with professionals making important decisions about their future. This not only helps our students succeed in school but also prepares them for their future. It's time to develop our students!


Supporting our Teachers

Creating Future and Career Ready Students

Supporting our Teachers

We must ensure that our teachers are supported in the classroom and that their voices are being heard. They must have access to professional development opportunities that helps them grow professionally. Our teachers deserve to be fairly compensated for the job that they do. Because we are facing teacher shortages all over the U.S, we must continue to find innovative ways to attract quality teachers and to encourage people to become teachers. It's time to attract quality teachers!

Lorita's Issues


Ensuring Parent-Informed Communication in the Schools

We must ensure that parents and guardians are informed about what to do and what not to do during a school emergency. If parents/guardians are unaware of how they can support a crisis at the school, they may take actions that may hinder responses. We must work together, the school board, the superintendent, and the local law enforcement, to come up with practical and common-sense solutions that keep our children safe and our parents informed.

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Swearing-In Ceremony December 2019

Education Advocate

Adjunct College Faculty

PhD, Public Administration and Policy

MPA, Master of Public Administration

BFA, Bachelor of Fine Arts

PTA Executive Leadership

Spotsylvania County - School Board Parent Advisory Team Committee

Virginia Commission for the Arts, Immediate Past Commissioner

Spotsylvania County Transportation Committee

Intern with Dr. Lorita Copeland Daniels

In the future, I would like to offer our high school students (rising 10th-12th) an opportunity to intern with me to learn more about what we do as board members. When I ran for this office I knew I wanted to make sure that our children have opportunities to connect their educational experiences with careers and opportunities in the 21st century economy. This is one of the ways that I want to fulfill this promise. Look for applications for the next school year! If you want to receive an email when the applications are available, type your email in the box below and press the sign up button.