My principles


Keeping Children First

I believe that every child is an individual who has unique needs that are specific to him or her. I would consider, "What is best for the children?" "What do they need for them to thrive?"

Supporting Our Teachers

I believe that quality teachers are our most valuable assets in our communities. We should support them in their classrooms, include them in decisions, and continue to provide them with professional development opportunities. They should be provided with fair compensation so that we can retain them in our community and our schools.

Increasing Collaboration

I believe that collaboration is the key to having healthy communities and schools. I will build relationships that support partnerships.

Building Strong Schools, Strong Communities

I believe that our schools play a vital role in preparing our children for their future. We, as community members, share in this responsibility. Community investment in our children is critical to their success. "Our children are the future of our communities."

Maintaining Transparency

I believe that our schools should be transparent and open. Our schools and the school board must maintain channels for open, two-way communication. I will work to take care of our public schools and protect the community's investments. I will work with the board and the district to ensure that we are planning for the community's future.