Appearance before the School Board For Public Comments

Speaking at the School Board Meeting


Do I have an opportunity to speak at the school board meeting?

Yes. State law requires that citizens be given an opportunity to speak at school board meetings. Boards are allowed to establish reasonable restrictions on the time, place and manner of public comment. For instance, school boards typically set guidelines on the length of an individual’s comment (e.g., a certain amount of time per person). The reason for the restriction is so that no one person dominates the school board meeting. 

Proper Protocol for Public Participation


What is the proper protocol for public participation?

Providing comments to the board allows the board an opportunity to listen to citizens' concerns. Keep in mind that the board does not debate issues or enter into a question-and-answer session or a "cross examination" between the public and individual board members. Please be aware that not all issues brought before a board meeting will be resolved that evening; boards may respond to public comment by seeking additional information or by delegating the authority to investigate the issue to the superintendent or his/her designee.  These meetings are recorded or televised. Citizens are expected to maintain a tone of courtesy, respect, and civility.